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Amy Roberts “More on the road”

Welsh rider Amy Roberts is a rising star in British cycling. The 19-year-old is the youngest member of Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling’s 2014 line up and has been with the team since its inception in 2013. Roberts had a outstanding season this year with wins in the Hillingdon GP and the Redditch round in the prestigious Tour Series. Last month she took her most memorable win in her career thus far by winning the team pursuit alongside teammates Laura Trott and Elinor Barker, and compatriot Ciara Horne, in the first round of the 2014/2015 Track World Cup in Guadelajara, Mexico. She also finished second behind 2015 teammate Eileen Roe at the British National Criterium Championship.

Like many British riders, Amy’s season was focused on the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, but this did not prevent her from having domestic success, as well as working hard for her teammates in several European races like the Energiewacht Tour and the Diamond Tour.

“My season started off slow but I am pretty happy with how my form got towards the end and hopefully it’s just a stepping stone for many years to come. I’d say my highlight of the 2014 season would be riding the Commonwealth Games for Wales. It’s pretty amazing to be able to ride for Wales in the Commonwealth Games.” Says Roberts.

Amy Roberts

“It’s an honour and I guess special as for us it was like a home Games, or at least as close as I will probably get to one. I look forward to hopefully being able to compete for Wales in an event like that again. Although I didn’t get any results as such, I set my personal best time in the pursuit on the track and was happy with my performances in the TT and also the road race. Another highlight was winning the team pursuit at the Track World Cup in Mexico. It was my first and hopefully this will lead to more. It was such an amazing feeling to win alongside Laura, Elinor and Ciara. The most disappointed moment was my second place at the British National Criterium Championships. It was a pity for me. I thought I rode the race well until the last lap which cost the win.”

Third year on Wiggle Honda
Going into her third season with Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling, Roberts is one of the four riders on the team since its inception in 2013, along with Giorgia Bronzini, Dani King and Mayuko Hagiwara. Over the past three years Roberts has had her ups and downs but her determination, kindness and commitment for the team make her a valuable athlete for the black and orange team.

“I have had a great two years on the team. I have learnt a huge amount and will continue to do so in the next year. To be able to get to know, and work with the likes of Giorgia (Bronzini) is amazing. I am proud to have been a part of the team from when it started and think Rochelle (Gilmore) is doing a great job, especially in promoting women’s cycling.”

Amy Roberts wins in Redditch GP 002

For 2015 Roberts looks forward to competing in more bigger races on the road compared with the previous two seasons. One of the races on her to do list is definitely The Friendslife Women’s Tour.

“I would love to be able to race more on the road next year, especially in the bigger races but also in the UK. So with that my goals would be to help the team as much as possible and hopefully show some sort of strengths in myself which could help in my future. I am looking to do as many races on the road as possible, it’s something I really enjoy and I am interested to see what I can do on the road and it’s great to have Wiggle Honda behind me to help do this. Although I realise it will be hard to get a spot on the team for all big races with so many good athletes on the team. But I’ll work hard and do my best. That is all I can do right? Next to that I’ll still be riding the track and hope to perform on there too.”

With Giorgia Bronzini and the signing of Elisa Longo Borghini, Mara Abbott, Jolien D’hoore, Audrey Cordon, Annette Edmondson and Chloe Hosking the Wiggle Honda team has some serious reinforcements for 2015. With all these World Class athletes the team will be one of the strongest in the peloton. But Roberts says you can’t compare this team with the previous two years as the focus was completely different.

Amy Roberts wins in Redditch GP 001

“I don’t think it’s something you can really compare. Next year I think we do have a lot of strong riders for all types of races and so hopefully we can be up there with one of the strongest teams at any race we go to. “, Roberts added.

“I expect the team will achieve big things, like they have done the past few years. I feel this will be one of our strongest years, with some huge new signings and I am excited to get the season started and see what we can do together.”

With the signing of British National Criterium Champion Eileen Roe and Anna Christian, Gilmore managed to sign two hot British prospects for the future. Signings which make Roberts really happy and not only because she isn’t the youngest on the team anymore.

“It’s great! It is good to have some new British faces on the team. I’m currently living with Anna (Christian) and when I heard she was joining the team I was really happy! It will be good for getting to races, training camps etc. It is always nice to have someone to travel with especially when we get on so well!”



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