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Anna Bianca Schnitzmeier: A real team player

Anna Bianca Schnitzmeier, riding for the Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling team, was born on the 27th July 1990 in Dortmund, Germany. The now 22 year old first found her passion for cycling when her father took her to a small criterium in her hometown at the young age of 11. She immediately fell in love with the sport, and a year later was competing in her first race.

Cycling offers many sources of pleasure to Schnitzmeier, who says that the rewards offered for facing the arduous demands of her sport and her dedication to achieving a team goal are among her main motivators.

“I love everything in this sport. Training hard, trying to race hard, working as a team but also going to fulfill your own dreams. And most of all learning to handle the pain and try to forget it until you win. I can’t say so much why I love this sport, but it’s just amazing to ride my bike.”


In 2007 and 2008, Schnitzmeier won four championship titles in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Her fondest results from her fledging career came in 2008 when she was selected to compete on behalf of Germany at the Junior World Championships in Cape Town, South Africa placing 11th.  Schnitzmeier continued to notch up several local victories until she turned professional in 2011. Riding for the German Abus Nutrixxion team, the talented youngster finished 12th in the Valladolid World Cup, 7th at the German National Championships and 8th in the Lotto Cup Erpe-Mere.

2012 didn’t get off on the foot “Schnitzi” had hoped due to an operation she underwent in the winter of 2011. In spite of all of her misfortune, she managed to finished 8th at the European Road Championships in Goes, 13th at the German National Championships and 2nd in the Sparkassen Giro. Reflecting on her past season, Schnitzmeier said that she has used the obstacles faced during her past seasons to prepare herself mentally and physically for the fresh start with her new team

“I am happy the season is over. It didn’t started well but it ended up perfect. It was a hard season with lots of up and downs. No good form, motivation problems but in the end it was better than I expected. I showed some good results at the European Championship and in the last stage races of the season. My coach and I we had a hard year to fix all the big and small problems but signing a contract with the awesome Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling team makes me so happy.”


Anna Bianca will use her proven strengths to play an integral support role within the team. Preferring to selfishly sacrifice herself for her team mates rather than going in search of personal results, makes Scnitzmeier a very unique and valuable addition to the team.

“I think my best strength is that I am better in working for a team than racing for myself. I can give everything for a team leader when I know she can make it. I can be so happy when it works out and celebrate this all day. I am just living the dream of my life and that’s a big thing for me. I can bring a lot of fun into a group, as I think making fun instead of being serious all the time is really important even before important races or hard stages,” the humble Schnitzmeier explained.

“Schnitzi” is looking most forward to being able to race alongside and in support of the numerous Champion teammates. “It will be a complete new experience for me to race with all these champions. To be honest it makes me very proud. I am so looking forward to the new team, to get into it and to learn a lot from them. It will make the team very strong and it certainly will help to develop myself into a better bike rider within the Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling team.

“I think I am the most excited about the fact that we are having such a strong team that is able to animate the race and to win lots of races as well,” the young German added.

Schnitzmeier already started her 2013 campaign with the Mitchelton Bay Series and the Tour of Qatar after a hard six weeks training in Australia. For 2013 and beyond she hopes to represent Germany at the World Championships and 2016 Olympic Games.

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