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Anna Sanchis: “A dream comes true”

Anna Sanchis was born on the 18th October 1987 in Genoves, Valencia, Spain. Since the day she was born Anna grew up with bikes with her father José Salvador Sanchis being a former professional cyclist and her mother Ana Chafer working in the family Sanchis bikeshop. At the age of five it all started for Anna when a member of the local cycling club V.C. Pedalier Xativa came to the shop and asked her to try out cycling. She competed in all categories from school teams, cadets, youth, juniors etc. Originally it was all for fun but later it became more and more serious. At that time Spain’s Joane Somarriba was one of the best female riders in the World and a huge inspiration for Anna to become a professional cyclist.

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She began her professional career in 2007, finishing seventh in her debut at the Giro Donne the following year. In 2009 she rode for the Italian Safi-Pasta Zara team before returning to Spain. She has been riding for Bizkaia-Durango the past four seasons but will be riding for Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling in 2014.

The 26-year-old from the Communidad Valenciana region of western Spain is the reigning Spanish time trial champion – a title that she won in 2012 when she was also road race champion. Last season she finished 16th in the Giro Donne, after performing well in the mountain stages.

Anna is an excellent all-rounder, capable of achieving results on a large variety of terrain. Her all-round ability to climb and time trial will make her a valuable asset to the team in stage races and team time trials.

Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling
After riding the past four seasons for Bizkaia-Durango the Spanish Time Trial Champion is going to ride for the British based Wiggle Honda Cycling Team in 2014. Sanchis is very grateful for all the opportunities she got but she is now ready to make a step forward. “The past four years the team has given me everything they could possibly offer and whilst I’m very grateful that they have developed me to this level, I’m now ready for a change and to step up to the highest level. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from my previous team, Bizkaia, and all the other wonderful people who have supported me until now. They have stood by us during the good times and, especially through those bad times when they had to personally struggle to offer their athletes all they could. I will be forever grateful.”


Sanchis was very delighted with the chance Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling team manager and owner Rochelle Gilmore has given her when she signed the contract in November last year.  “I started talking to people on the team after the World Championships in Florence, Italy. They put me in touch with manager Rochelle Gilmore. From the beginning it felt good and I am very excited to be part of such an organised and professional team. I look forward to riding with a group of really good riders, who will motivate me to work as hard as possible to help the team’s leaders to win a lot of races. It will be a big change for me but it is a dream that’s come true! I am very happy they have given me this opportunity because I was struggling with finding a team and with my motivation. If Wiggle Honda didn’t come up I probably would have quit professional cycling.”

For Sanchis it is the second time in her career she will be riding for a non-Spanish team after having ridden for the Italian Safi-Pasta Zara Team in 2009. In that same year Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling’s Giorgia Bronzini was one of her team mates and friends. But her period on Safi-Pasta Zara didn’t turn out well due to a knee injury and some problems with the team, but she is very confident her new adventure in a foreign team will turn out well. “This time it is different because Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling is a very professional team and one of the best. For example on Bizkaia-Durango all staff members have a full-time or part-time job. On Wiggle Honda everyone is fully dedicated to only work for the team. Also the team structure, the approach of the races and the level of dedication is much different. Now I already have a global plan of how my season will look like. Before I didn’t have it and it was always a surprise when I was able to race. Personally I really want to be on a team with good cyclists like Giorgia Bronzini and Linda Villumsen who are constantly winning races. Working for them and helping them and the team to achieve this will help me to improve as a professional cyclist. It is really something special.”

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Medical studies and racing
In 2014 Sanchis will combine her medical studies with international racing. With exams in January and June, Sanchis will start her season at the end of March with the World Cup Trofeo Binda. “I’m studying medicines. I am following two courses, but each year I do a few subjects. Cycling and studying at the same time is very difficult, but I hope to become a doctor one day. I have no hurry to finish my studies, the most important thing at the moment is the bike. After my cycling career I will focus on being a doctor, I hope.”

Due to her examinations her final racing program still has to be finalized yet but the 26-year old will focus on the stage races this year. “This team is missing someone to help Linda in the stage races and the high Mountains. I think I can be that rider. In the sprint finishes the team has already a lot of riders to support Bronzini. This year my goals will be the Giro Rosa and the Route de France. I really want to be good in these races. Either to help Linda (Villumsen) or to go for my own chance. Nothing has been 100% decided yet but I will most of the time compete in the stage races. These races really suit me and it is what really motivates me.”

Sanchis continues: “I am constantly chasing for the best. Consistency is very important in life. The Daily effort is very important to reach your objectives. Ups and downs, overcoming every obstacle… Nothing is impossible. The first step to achieve your objectives is to believe in them. Have faith in yourself and keep fighting. Persigue tus sueños siempre. (Follow your dreams forever)”

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