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Blog: La Course by Kathryn Bertine

By Kathryn Bertine

A week after racing La Course, I have to admit, it still hasn’t fully sunk in yet that we raced on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, France  under the banner of The Tour de France. I’ve always been on a bit of a delay when it comes to processing the bigger picture of significant events, and I believe La Course is one such benchmarks of our sport. Off the bike, this race is something I’ve been working toward for a long time. On the bike, standing on the start line of my own dream with Wiggle Honda is and will always be the highlight of my racing career. While I flatted on the 4th lap of the course, I barely remember that mishap as it pales in comparison to what I will never forget: Crowds lining the course, cheering for our race (with as much passion as they cheer for the men), the fantastic and aggressive racing, an exciting sprint finish, and an understanding that even though Vos took the podium, we all shared in the win that day. We made history. And at the same time, we’re creating the future.


When I got home from the race, I received this email:

Dear Kathryn,

Wanted to let you know that as a dad of daughters, I am constantly battling stereotypes for what little girls can do. Mine are 5 and 7 and like to try new things but typically don’t think that girls can do what their dad does, like triathlons, win races, bike races, etc. They saw Le Tour  and said “girls can’t do that” meaning race the Tour de France, and then they watched La Course. Immediately they wanted to go out and ride bikes. So kudos! I strive to push them, make them confident, and endorse courage rather than submissiveness to “norms.” This race helped make a difference.

So thanks again,
R. Trotman


While it will take me some time to fully articulate what La Course means to me, this email gets to the heart of what truly matters: Women’s pro cycling is inspiring, important and creating change in the world. I’m proud to have stood on that start line, and I’m proud and grateful to race with Wiggle Honda.

-Kathryn Bertine,
Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling
2013 Caribbean Champion
3X SKN National Champion


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