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Chloe Hosking Blog ” Is my music an acquired taste?”

My teammates might say I have an acquired taste in music. What this actually means is that when I offer to DJ in the team bus before races I often receive the following answer, ‘No, but we’ll still use your speakers.’ Unless, of course, it’s the young girls. In which case they don’t have a choice and will listen to what I decide. No one ever said this was a democracy.

But I thought I’d bring a third party to the, well, party and get your opinion. Is my music an acquired taste? Would you want my tunes or just my speakers?

Chloe Hosking and Emilia Fahlin having fun on the podium - Tour of Chongming Island 2016 - Stage 2. A 113km road race on Chongming Island, China on May 7th 2016.

Chloe Hosking and Emilia Fahlin having a party on the podium – Tour of Chongming Island 2016

Here are my top five songs of the moment:

Needed Me – Rhianna.
I dig this song because of the line which says, ‘(expletive) your white horse and your carriage.’ More young girls need to be raised with this message rather than the idealised version of life that Disney churns out.

2. Summer Sixteen – Drake.
I don’t know when comparing swimming pool sizes became a thing but I can get around it.

3. Pity Party – Melanie Martinez.
The name says it all. Sometimes you just need to feel sorry for yourself. Like when your teammates veto your music choice.

4. Bonbon – Era Istrefi.
I have no idea what this song is about. It’s in French…I think. Still, who doesn’t love Bonbons?

5. Lost Boy – Ruth B.
You didn’t expect this one huh? Sometimes, very occasionally, I need a song to try and mellow me out after I’ve had one too many caffeinated High5 gels and zero tabs. That is this song.

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