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Dani King: Rest day blog

By Dani King

I’m going to start regularly blogging my 2016 journey. I hope you enjoy following what a lot of my ‘non-cycling’ friends class as a jet setter lifestyle. There not wrong in terms of the amount of time I spend on the road but it defiantly sounds more glamorous than it is. I was away for the first 5 weeks of 2016 training and racing in Australia and Qatar where I was really happy with how the season kicked off.

King Dani

After less than 2 weeks back home in Cardiff I was off again to the Wiggle High5 media training camp in Mallorca. This island is defiantly one of my favourite places to ride the bike. It has everything; long climbs, short climbs, rolling roads and flat! Above all most of the time the sun is shining! The team left yesterday to travel to Belgium for the start of the spring classics. However, instead of going back to what has been a very cold and wet Wales I’ve stayed here to continue training before my spring season starts in Strade Biance next week!

It was great to get the whole team together before the year really kicks off. It might be the only time I see some of the girls as generally some riders have a completely different race program. The 4 days we were together really made me feel excited about the year ahead and everyone gelled on and off the bike which I believe is the key to success.

After 5 days of training, 16hrs and a few thousand meters of climbing I’m currently spending my day not in lycra and reaping the benefits by doing what I do best- not a lot!

My fiancé Matt has come out to join me for a few days for some company and to make my legs hurt a little bit more by motor pacing me behind a scooter.

But for now it’s time to head down to the pool, to put my feet up and relax, head out for a pizza tonight then get ready for the next 3 day block of training!

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