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Emma Johansson Blog: Miss Consistent

Emma Johansson

As from the latest UCI ranking 22 may, I’m still on the top step. People call me Miss Consistent and guess thats a good explanation to me topping the ranking.

For those who have no idea about the ranking system I will give you a short explanation.
There are different levels of the races, World Tour (highest level) 1.1 (one day race, level 1) 1.2 (stage race, level 1) 2.1 (one day race, level 2) and 2.2 (stage race, level 2). Hope it makes some sence?! So depending on the race you collect a different amount of points from your results.

Because I like to race alot and because I’m a very all around riders plus that I have had a very good spring season I’m on the top step of the UCI ranking.

This blog just helped me to fight the jetlag I’m suffering from last weeks World Tour race in California. Staying alone in a hotel in Leende is nice the first day after rooming with my Wiggle teamies all last week. But already I miss company and another way to stay awake when being alone is to harass my family at home. Martin who is fixing with our new house at home gets a bit annoyed when getting interrupted all the time…
So I’m not the only one that will be happy when the girls arrive later today!

Raceday tomorrow – Holland Hills and then in Gooik on Sunday.

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