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Lauren Kitchen proud to use Tacx products!

Tacx is a company that supports Wiggle Honda as a sponsor of our ergo trainers, rollers and mechanical tools. They are an exciting sponsor to have as it is the leading company in the area of home trainers and ergo equipment. The team relies on the Tacx Booster cycle trainer to warm up for important races and time trials, and the Galaxia rollers to spin the legs out before and after hard sessions and races. The Booster trainers are easy to use and setup and offer varied resistance on a simple to adjust dial, perfect for that intense hurried warm-up prior to the big time trials I do with Wiggle Honda.


At home I also have use of a Tacx Bushido ergo system. This high tech training system offers the opportunity to stimulate training courses from real races, such as the Tour of Flanders, Milan- Sanremo and famous climbs from the grand tours. I use the Bushido to create intense interval programs on specific watts and slope levels to stimulate different training intensities and race like situations. The Tacx software then allows me to analyse each session so I can log the details and see the progress and gains from each training session. I really enjoy the options available at home with the Tacx Bushido ergo trainer and the Tacx software as it means that rainy cold days in Holland are no longer a struggle to get some good intense training in my legs. As much as I love training outside on a sunny day it is great to see the progress that putting in the hard yards on the Tacx can offer, it really is a great tool for me as a professional cyclist and also for anyone looking for some extra motivation to get on the bike!


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