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LAZER Helmets and Eyewear Product Feature

By Emily Collins

The Lazer Wasp aero helmet is as good as it gets in terms of aero dynamics, comfort and look. The Wiggle Honda girls are lucky to be provided with these very smooth ‘watt saving’ helmets throughout the season.

‘The Wasp helmet incorporates Lazer “Dual Layer Aerodynamics,” which employ a “trip wire” on the top of the helmet to create a boundary layer of small air vortices on the tail of the helmet. By creating these small areas of turbulence, Lazer say they in turn prevent larger vortices, which can create more drag and negatively affect aerodynamic performance’.

The tail of the helmet is designed to keep the gap between the edge of the helmet and the riders back at absolute minimum, further increasing aerodynamic performance. Another feature of the tail is that it is ‘removable’ which is very convenient for when you’re on the move, travelling a lot to events.

The Wasp features intake vents, rear exhaust vents and moulded EPS air channels to direct airflow through the helmet. It also includes an aerodynamic integrated visor.

With many time trial specific cyclists on the Wiggle Honda squad these helmets will no doubt be put to good use! One of the team’s target events this year will be the 2013 team time trial World Championships held in Italy in September so keep an eye out for a swarm of wasps out preparing .

LV1NZ TT champion Linda Villumsen powering to a recent 5th place in the Giro Rosa ITT

emily 1


The Lazer Helium is Wiggle Honda’s chosen road helmet. This helmet has many top features;

The Helium has a great rounded shape that seems to fit very well, accommodating to all head shapes and sizes. The retention system requires less pressure to retain a snug fit which is ideal when riding for long periods.

The helmet has very thin straps that are smooth and comfortable. They also allow for easy adjustment. The ribbon strap by the right ear has a rubber strap marked with a phone icon that can be used for threading headphones through. How convenient!

Lazer’s priorities for the Helium are safety, comfort/fit and performance. The shell also includes integrated roll cage and carbon fibre reinforcement.

Wiggle Honda have white helium’s to train in and special Wiggle Honda black and orange helium’s for race days.

emily 2

Wiggle Honda at the Giro Rosa


To add to their impressive helmet range, Lazer also offers a collection of eyewear. I have been lucky enough to be given a selection of choices but my favourite would have to be the Lazer Magneto’s.

The Lazer Magneto sunglasses are not just your average pair of shades…

They have magnets imbedded in the sunglass temples that can be connected to the helmet strap.

This can provide extra comfort and cooling in hot weather.

Regular sunglass straps can also be applied if preferred or for off the bike and different lenses can be applied to suit conditions.

These sunnies look great, fit perfectly and can be used rain, hail or shine.

I have the option of both the crystal pink and fluoro yellow so tend to mix it up a bit depending on my mood!


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