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Mara Abbott Blog: My First Olympics!

I kept trying to think of something creative to write about this month… but since I am now in the Olympic Village getting ready for our race in just two days, it is a little hard to pick a different topic!

This is my first Olympics, so it is very exciting for me to get to have my first experience here in Rio.  We’ve almost been here a week and the village is starting to get filled up as more athletes from different sports arrive and competitions get closer.  I’m actually pretty happy to have one of the first competitions.  A lot of people talk about how many distractions there are at an Olympic race… so it isn’t so bad to get your race in before they all pop up!

Plus, then I can apparently get a free check up from the dentist in the village!

On my training ride yesterday, I stopped to trade a water bottle for a photo with some of the local kids – they look about as excited for Sunday as I am!

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