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Nettie Edmondson Blog: 107 Days to Go

Nettie Edmondson

107 days to go. We’re almost in double digits. It’s hard to believe that four years of preparation has almost come to an end.

It has been an eventful four years to say the least. I’ve competed in four Track World Championships, three Road World Championships and a Commonwealth Games. I’ve had 9 breaks spent in Australia, Spain, Indonesia, Scotland, Norway, New Zealand and America. I’ve seen teammates retire and new girls push their way into the system. I’ve experienced highs in winning World Championship titles, and heartbreak, missing team time trial podiums by a matter of seconds. I’ve raced for two different professional road teams and I’ve learnt so, so much from my wonderful teammates and coaches over the years.

I’ve spent seasons away in Europe, living in countries I’d never even visited before. I’ve ridden for countless hours until the Spanish sun disappeared behind the mountains, and visited quaint, untouched villages amongst the tiny, cobbled streets of Italy. I’ve been photographed riding up the mountains of Mallorca and down the winding descents of Northern Norway. I’ve felt the wrath of the wind in Holland in and crawled up the Cat-1’s of France. I’ve joked in Japanese TV shows and sprinted to win yellow jerseys in China. I’ve taken gravel samples in Belgium and dented car panels five kilometres from home. I’ve bathed in the sunshine of the Costa Brava and raced through the thunderstorms of Luxembourg.

Until now. This year is different. Rio is all about the track for me. The Olympic Road Race is going to be won by the best of hill climbers, so it made my decision very, very easy. Unfortunately this means that I’ve had to put a hold on my road racing. I’ve committed to the track program which has decided to base their preparation out of Australia, so no more riding around the mountains of Italy…at least for now! A lot of road teams wouldn’t be interested in a program like mine, so I’m very grateful to have WiggleHigh5, who are supporting me throughout my Olympic campaign and into 2017.

It’s quite tough to watch from afar. To see all my teammates travelling together, preparing together, training together and racing together, without me is quite odd. Thankfully I have Twitter and Instagram to keep me in the loop, as well as the team video documentaries of each of the races. It’s so lovely to see them find their niche after a few rusty races and really start to dominate the podiums. It’s certainly making my evenings more interesting as I follow updates from the other side of the world.

107 days to go, and where am I at? I’m at home in Adelaide. I’ve completed a month-long training block, pretty much on my own as my teammates spent some well-needed time at home. They returned last week, refreshed and ready to begin the final haul into the Games. I’m in a good place; I feel confident and comfortable with where I’m at. There are 3.5 months to go and it’s going to be tough. But I’m ready, and I’m excited. Bring on the challenge!

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