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New Things… |

New things…

So! It’s been a pretty overwhelming few months with a lot going on, big decisions to make and opportunities to take.

I haven’t updated since the World Champs as it’s pretty much been full gas since!

Looking back to then am sure most of you saw or heard but there was a very epic pile up/crash in the women’s race and unfortunately I had the joy of being part of it. Here’s a  pretty great video that sums up the crash and  ‘my worlds experience’! :


Unfortunately for us (Team NZ) 3 of us came down in this spill; Linda used her experience to get straight back up and successfully made it back to the peloton and even come in a very impressive 7th.
It amazed me how cool and calm she was in the crash situation. A good learning curve for me as I spent my time in the crash area fretting away and panic-ing up a storm!
Big ups to her and also her 3rd place in the World time trial. Super impressive.
Unfortunately Kate also came down and injured her scaphoid in the process and although I was unhurt and set for the chase, my poor wee bike was not so fine so I spent 5 minutes together waiting for her to be repaired.Chris (BikeNZ) did a top job of getting things back together but I was just a tad too long and any hope of rejoining the peloton was lost. I chased with the likes of Ellen VanDjk for a good few laps but it was over rover from the time of the crash.

Although the race itself was pretty horrendous, the whole week and experience was a fantastic time and one I have certainly learn’t from. The Dutch put on a great event and the atmosphere was crazy cool! Something I will never forget. Cheers to a great team of people from BikeNZ in supporting us and making it all happen and run smoothly. Mark Matthews is a trooper!

From left; Kate, Linda, Emma and myself at the team presentation.

Unfortunately, crashing and mishaps are a big part of cycling we have to endure every once and a while; I’ve learn’t slowly but have now accepted that they’re just part of the sport and we all have our share of them or bad luck. It did very much SUCK but onward and upwards! Hopefully plenty of opportunities to come!

Finishing up with the Worlds experience, I was back to Belgium to farewell Mat, Kym and baby Harper Hayman before heading to Amsterdam for a day at the shops then finally back to the big USA for a few weeks of fun and goodbyes.
Great to catch up with Robert and Pam Lerner who have been so good to me this year!
I also managed to spend a week in SF city with good family friends Di and Steve Barclay and was lucky enough to spend the week getting amongst the America’s cup world series regatta down in the SanFran harbor. So much fun and definitely a different scene to the cycling – a nice change and a great way to spend a few weeks off the bike! – had no idea sailing was so exciting ; very tactical!
Highlights of the week had to be catching the Blue Angels (air show) and hitting up the Oracle arena for none other than Pearl Jam and Kings of Leon live – next level AHHSUM. Just happened to be a private concert too so unlimited food and drinks made an even better night!

(On arrival back to the USA I had the opportunity to be part of this great crew at the Canary Foundation in the Bay Area, CA. These people are truly AWESOME – they are all sponsors of the Canary Challenge (fun ride) to raise money for cancer research.  I had the best few days with them)!

Following a great few weeks in the sun with team mates and American friends It was back to NZ. 8 months on the road and safe to say I was dead keen to get home to kiwitown. Homesickness was certainly starting to kick in!
I’ve now been back a few weeks and it’s been great. So nice to see the fam and catch up with friends. Funny to think that pretty much everything’s ‘same old’ here in Auckland.
After a good 3 or so week break I’ve just got back on the bike and am now rearing to go for the 2013 season.!

San Fran harbor

There’s a few events here in NZ I’ll be heading to in preparation that should be great good fun; starting with crit Nationals in Takapuna (Auckland) this Friday night. After just over a week on the bike, fair to say it’s bound to hurt. Nonetheless am stoked to be back riding on two wheels… just hope I don’t get too thrashed
Over this past month I’ve had some pretty exciting news…I’ve just recently signed with new women’s Pro team: DPTC Honda Pro Cycling. The team has now been announced and it’s all very exciting stuff for me. See article by Bart Hazen (Daily Peloton)

Break time = pizza and wine

It’s been a difficult time as leaving Vanderkitten-Focus has been very tough for me. It’s not like any other team; we all get on extremely well and it’s been the best few years for me with VK. Over these years I’ve come away with some best mates and have met so many great people who have been so good and supportive to me.
This team is the best and one I won’t ever forget! #VK4Life

BIG thanks to Jono Coulter, Dave Verecchia, Captain Jenn X, all the VK girls and team sponsors over these years. You are the best.

Dave and Jeannie’s gorgeous bubba Tatum. So tiny!

Also a special thanks to the Lerners, Tina Pic, the Barclays, the Haymans, the Hladys, the Colwells, the Bay area crew and all the fantastic people who have hosted and looked after me over these years! So many great people.

Yeahh girls

It’s a sad thing saying goodbye but I am so ready for the opportunities that lie ahead in making the jump to a pro European team. The team has been developed and will be managed by Commonwealth games Gold medalist, Rochelle Gilmore & leading lady and 2 x World Road champ Giorgia Bronzini will be a big feature of the team, along with the Olympic Gold winners for the track pursuit (London 2012); Great Britain girls; Laura Trott, Dani King & Joanna Rowsell plus a string of other great upcoming riders. It’s going to be a big step for me and one I’m nervous but looking forward to taking!

Follow the team here at:
and like us on facebook at for updates!

OTHER exciting news…

New sponsor Rocktape New Zealand will now be supporting me and my cycling journey.
BIG thanks to RocktapeNZ –  I’m stoked to be on board and hopefully some good years to come together.
Follow RocktapeNZ @:

I’ve used Rocktape for the past two years whether it be for injuries, (serious or niggly) to taping back my shoulders to keep the posture in tact (can get terrible when you’ve been on a bike 4 hours)!
Anyway, now Rocktape is in NZ and it’s the best stuff – so get amongst!

Rocking some Rocktape at the Tour of America’s Dairylands 2012!

Another massive thanks to Core Builders Composites who have been an ongoing support through 2011-12. Such a huge help to me and pursuing my cycling – so thank you!

Last but not least a big thanks to Tony Smith and Specialized NZ who will be supporting me over the New Zealand summer of racing and events! A very exciting summer to come – Cheers Tony!
I was lucky to be part of the Specialized crew at the World triathlon champs here in Auckland last week working at the expo; they have a great team and it was a lot of fun. Big respect for triathletes – pain and more pain!
Check them out at:

Now it’s just back to the training game, a bit of work to get set for 2013 and have thankfully just finished my 2012 studies at Massey University with an exam Monday morning…phew, what a relief that’s over. After 4 years have decided I’ve ‘forgotten’ how to study…if that’s possible 😉
Other than that, catching up and spending time with fam and friends is certainly on the cards. Coldplay concert this weekend then bring on NZ summer!

Definitely very excited to be attending for the third time, the NSW Grandprix series early December as part of the Bates Bikes team in Sydney who have been very supportive of us kiwi’s – such a great crew of people and a fantastic event that I can’t wait to get over for. Some nice Sydney sun won’t go a miss that’s for sure.

Fam dinner minus sister Livs. Very supportive parents Lou and Danzo xx

A  few more things…

Thanks for the interest – it’s great to have your support! Glenn Te Raaki took the time to interview me this arvo. Check it here at:

Follow me on twitter at: for more regular updates.
I was peer pressured into joining the craze by Jaz and Kate and glad I made the move as is the best way to keep up to date on all the cycling goss and action!

All for now! Cheers,


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