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Rochelle Gilmore Blog: Livigno – Introduction

I’m writing a blog at 1:30am because I can’t sleep. I’m in Livigno at 1,800m altitude. I got to bed late this evening and watched an episode of Revenge but I couldn’t keep my eyes open & fell fast asleep, 30 minutes later, I’m awake again and blogging spontaneously.

Two days ago I was out having the ride and time of my life… Living The Dream in Livigno with the Aussies of Orica GreenEdge… until… I threw myself at high speed into a stream of traffic. I was focused in an aero tuck trying to catch the husband of Gracie Elvin, Stu Shaw…. when a blind corner ended with a T-Intersection…. I couldn’t stop, I squeezed passed Stu and the stopped Aussie team car and ultimately slammed my beautiful Colnago V1-r Ferrari edition bike sideways into a moving car.

I hit it very hard, 60-80km/hr! The impact cracked some of my left ribs and my left wrist but, no skin off. Head in tact. Thanks Lazer.

After all my X-Rays were done, I took the time I’ll have off the bike (1 day) to drive down to Colnago (10hr round trip) and had my broken bike replaced with a top of the line C60. Not sure about an Aussie riding a bike with an Italian flag however given I’ve been living in Italy for 15yrs with officially residency for 10yrs…. I pretty much qualify to represent the Italian flag! Right?

I can’t wait to get on this new C60 today, even if only on the rollers for a couple of days while it rains…. The air is still thin and I’ll be on my way to my ‘3 week get fit for Rio’ campaign. No, I’m not racing there however I do want to arrive fit, healthy and on top of business in order to be the best I possibly can be for my big 4 weeks job there, TV commentary for the host broadcaster – covering Road, MTB, Track and BMX – Men and Women. Hmmmm can I bluff my way through all that?! I plan to do some serious study during the next three weeks here in Livigno!

It’s going to be very hard to stay away from the Women’s Giro Rosa as everyone of the Wiggle High5 team are in top form and spirits! It’s going to be better long term if I sit this one out as we have two new very strong minded women establishing themselves as Team Manager and Team Director….. I’d rather them settle into the team without my constant guidance and looking over their shoulders. They’re exceptional at what they do and they know what I expect. I trust their execution.

I’ll focus on getting fit and healthy, planning next year’s Wiggle High5 rider and staff contracts, doing PR activity during the Giro Rosa, working on daily emails and most excitingly, digging my teeth into a new production project involving very fast cars!!

I might even build a new personal website, anyone interested in assisting with that?

I’m so incredibly excited about the upcoming announcement of the Australian National Road Team for the Olympics Games. Not because it’s nail-bitting or because it’s one of the strongest nations on paper…. It’s because I’m close to a few of the athletes and one particular athlete waiting to be named – she has a phenomenal story of adversities, setbacks, tough fights, injuries, family loss, determination, overwhelming support and seriously – something to prove…. To herself. If she is named, I’ll lose myself in happiness and inspiration. Rach Neylan – Good Luck.

Now, I’ll try to sleep again and blog you though my days for the next few weeks.

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