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Rochelle Gilmore Blog: Mallorca Day Five – 08/05/16

Rollers Before Breakfast

Distance: 12.8km
Moving Time: 20min03sec
Average Speed: 38.5km/hr
Max Speed: 70.6km/hr
Elevation: 0m
Average Heart Rate: 133bpm
Max Heart Rate: 178bpm
Strava Data File:

Solo Sunday Ride – Big Loop of Mallorca

Distance: 150.6km
Moving Time: 5hr25min50sec
Average Speed: 27.7km/hr
Max Speed: 65.9km/hr
Elevation: 2,419m
Average Heart Rate: 164bpm
Max Heart Rate: 197bpm
Strava Data File:

Today’s Tip: Listen to your body! If you’re having a bad day, pushing it could cost you the week. I’m a severe allergy sufferer and today was one of the worst possible days for an allergy sufferer! It rained all day yesterday and the sun came out today so, all the pollens were flying wild! It’s difficult to readjust the mind when you have a big or hard ride/session planned. It’s the most difficult thing in the world to do! I love a Sunday ride as there are so many happy passionate social cyclists out on the road…. and I always meet very interesting people!

Poor me, just one of those days! Waiting for a magic allergy cure!

The thing about coming across a good group of people in Mallorca is that…… They never seem to be continuing along my planned route for more than 10km’s! That would be to good to be true! I’d just settled in with these guys on the climb and we took the quick stop captured below at the top of the Puig Major climb however they were heading to Palma and I wanted to stick to the coast so, I left them on the descent to Soller.

These 3 guys towed me by Gorg Blau & up Puig Major!

Having done this loop 3 times now I thought I had the turns clearly saved in my mind however just at the bottom of the descent I caught Telenet Fidea, their group was quite large so I thought it would be great to join them but, at that moment I lost focus on where I was going… as soon as we hit the climb out of Soller (with a HR of 175bpm) I slipped off the back of their bunch and refocused enough to realised that I’d missed my turn off to Deia – a few km’s back!

I suffered along with my restricted breathing, high heart rates and screaming muscles and found my next angel’s from heaven, a couple of strong guys happy to tow me from Valldemossa to Santa Maria!

A show of appreciation and thumbs up from my Angels!

Then the last 40km’s I was on my own again…. Dreaming all the way back to the @VivaZafiro hotel about a High5 Choc Protein Recovery shake! Finally, I was able to very much enjoy my smooth choc shake while watching the end of the Giro!

My evening disappeared quite fast…. I washed my hair, put my washing on, did some PR for my impressive teams (@WiggleHigh5 won the World Tour stage race in China & the High5 @AusDevTeam took another podium in Belgium today!)….. then my room service dinner arrived but I still can’t get to it! #Smashed.

I’ll wind down after dinner with a movie and a stretch (if I find the energy) ahead of an early ride tomorrow and serious work day!

Highlight of my day: A one hour chat this morning with my Mum on Mother’s Day! 2nd was the view and rest at the top of Puig Major!

Quick stop at the top of Puig Major for a Berry High5 Sports Bar and well needed rest!

What did I consume on today’s big Mallorca loop?

4 x 750ml High5 Zero – Tropical (1.5 tabs per bottle)
2 x 500ml High5 Zero – Tropical (1 tab per bottle)
5 x High5 Berry Sports Bars

During my 5 days in Mallorca so far I’ve ridden 594km’s with 4979m’s of climbing…. and, smashing through emails, payments and contracts!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog!


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