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Rochelle Gilmore Blog: Mallorca Day Four – 07/05/16

Rollers – Recovery Spin 1 of 3 Today

Distance: 16.7km
Moving Time: 30min02sec
Average Speed: 33.4km/hr
Max Speed: 37.8km/hr
Elevation: 0m
Average Heart Rate: 120bpm
Max Heart Rate: 131bpm
Strava Data File:

Rollers – Recovery Spin 2 of 3 Today

Distance: 18.0km
Moving Time: 31min02sec
Average Speed: 35km/hr
Max Speed: 39.6km/hr
Elevation: 0m
Average Heart Rate: 113bpm
Max Heart Rate: 125bpm
Strava Data File:

Rollers – Recovery Spin 3 of 3 Today

Distance: 18.3km
Moving Time: 30min09sec
Average Speed: 36.5km/hr
Max Speed: 43.2km/hr
Elevation: 0m
Average Heart Rate: 115bpm
Max Heart Rate: 129bpm
Strava Data File:

Today’s Tip: Active Recovery! I’ve just finished a 3 day block of solid road riding and I finished yesterday with extremely sore stiff legs so it was very important today that I kept the legs moving with 3 x 30 min light recovery spins on the rollers. This also helped me through an intense day on the computer! My first 30min spin was also a pre breakfast spin. Then the second two 30min spins were broken by a quick stretch.  I could feel my legs stiffening up while I was working so if I’d just done one session in the morning…. I’d not feel so great when going to bed. The split sessions will also keep your metabolism going throughout the day and gives you some mental freshness when returning to work!

30min roller spin while watching the morning news

It was a very wet day in Mallorca so it was perfect for a recovery and working day. I woke up and did a few emails, core exercises, rollers and then enjoyed a long late breakfast…. in normal (non cycling kit) clothing for a change!
As I’m here alone, I took my computer to breakfast and just as I was refreshing the twitter feed anxiously awaiting the stage results from China…. I received a message from our PR manager Bart saying “Chloe Wins”! I’m often celebrating these types of BIG wins alone in a hotel…. If I’m in my room I’ll normally jump up and down on my hotel bed doing a little dance, throwing air punches or doing summersaults…. But I was in public this time so could just give a little smile to my iphone and computer screen!

Chloe Hosking takes a World Tour stage WIN in China

A World Tour stage win is a massive achievement for Chloe and the team but more exciting is the fact that she put herself in a position to win the overall World Tour stage race in Chongming. We have a strong team there to support Chloe on the last stage tomorrow. Unfortunately we’re one down after losing our Japanese superstar, Mayuko Hagiwara in a crash today however, she’s ok…. She was concussed as her head hit a tree quite hard but all reports are that she’s ok and we have our fingers crossed that she has made it through the night in China ok.

You can imagine the mixed feelings I have when our director calls and says “We Won” and then he proceeds to tell me that one of our athletes has had a heavy crash and we don’t yet know exactly how she is….

The mixed feelings and thoughts going through my mind until I got the details was unbearable. Mayuko has been preparing specifically for the Tour of Zhoushan next week and she’ll be devastated if she’s not well enough to race…. and at her best. Let us pray she’ll be ok.

Mayuko Hagiwara during today’s stage before she crashed hard into a tree

I then spent some time in the business centre printing and signing race contracts, did some washing and came back to my room to start ploughing through emails. I love to do this on the weekend as you can clear your inbox without the responses flooding in faster than you’re getting through the emails!

During my focus on responding to emails I received news of Mara Abbott’s exceptional TT at the Tour of the Gila! Mara finished 2nd to Olympic Champ Kristin Armstrong, only 21 seconds down (over 26km)…. Holding her GC lead of over 2 minutes with 2 stages to go! She’s not a TT specialist however to emphasize how special the TT ride was, she beat World & Commonwealth TT Champ, Linda Villumsen by 1 minute! Impressive. So Proud….well done Mara!

It was back to the grind (emails) for a little while before jumping on the rollers for another spin which was 2 x 30 minutes broken up by a quick stretch. I enjoyed watching the last 45km’s of the Giro…. Love a sprint finish! Kittel was impressive today!

Roller spin while watching the Giro!

After the rollers it was time to do the part of my job that I love most, review and/or prepare all the team’s images, tweets, reports and videos from the days racing…. sometimes this is for three of my teams – if they’re all racing on the same day! (@Wiggle High5, @AusDevTeam & @High5DreamTeam) Today I had Wiggle High5 racing in China and the Australian Development Team racing the Marianne Vos Classic in the Netherlands.

Then came more good news to top off an already fantastic day! Lauren Kitchen (racing for my Australian Development Team) finished 2nd to Marianne Vos at a UCI race, the Marianne Vos Classic.

Lauren Kitchen finishes 2nd to Marianne Vos

I love a pyjama day (PJ working day) just as much as one on the road with the team or on the bike… now for a movie!

What did I consume on today’s rollers? Each 30min session I drank:

1 x 750ml High5 Zero – Tropical (only 1 tab on the rollers/1.5 tabs on the road)
1 x 500ml High5 Zero – Tropical (only half a tab on the rollers/1 tab on the road)

On the last roller session I ate:

1 x High5 Protein Bar – Chocolate. YUM!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog!


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