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Rochelle Gilmore Blog: Mallorca Day Three – 06/05/16

Rollers Before Breakfast

Distance: 13.6km
Moving Time: 20min02sec
Average Speed: 41km/hr
Max Speed: 68km/hr
Elevation: 0m
Average Heart Rate: 131bpm
Max Heart Rate: 167bpm

156.6km Total Ride Distance

File 1 of 1
Distance: 62.8km
Moving Time: 2hr20min10sec
Average Speed: 26.9km/hr
Max Speed: 56.5km/hr
Elevation: 314m
Average Heart Rate: 131bpm
Max Heart Rate: 161bpm
Calories: 1249

File 2 of 2
Distance: 93.8km
Moving Time: Not Recorded
Average Speed: Not Recorded
Max Speed: 54km/hr
Elevation: Not Recorded
Average Heart Rate: 131bpm
Max Heart Rate: 176bpm
Calories: Not Recorded

Today’s Tip: If you’re doing some long rides, a cycling holiday, training camp etc and feel physically good without any niggling injuries…. Still make it a priority to see a Chiropractor or Osteopath for injury prevention. This is most important when you’re going to rapidly overload your body with physical exercise (that it’s not used to) and here in Mallorca, many people rent bikes so, the slight change in position on the bike is most certainly going to put your body under a bit of stress. Schedule it! If you don’t want to see it as a performance thing, think of it as a comfort thing…. You’ll feel better on the bike and enjoy your rides more!

Today’s ride also didn’t really go to plan. This time I was planning to do an easy recovery ride with a stop at the Physio Clinic, ahead of a big weekend…. I returned to the hotel today at 4.30pm with 156.6km. Empty.

What a day! A great day!

6.20am – Wake Up
6.30am – Rollers (RBB as described in yesterday’s blog)
7am – Core Exercises (Ab roller, not many as my abs are smashed)
7.30am – Breakfast (Felt out of place in a 5 star hotel B’fast dressed in bike kit)
8am – Ride to the Osteo (Puerto de Pollensa)
8.30am-9.30am – Osteopath Treatment (Maintenance – while riding lots of Km’s)
9.30am – 4.30pm…. EPIC but perfect bike ride of 156.6km!
5pm-6pm – Protein, Shower, Stretch. (High5 Choc Protein Recovery – YUM!)
6pm – Dinner (Room service chicken salad)
6.30pm – Write blog (Mallorca working holiday blog for Wiggle High5’s site)
7pm – Start work (Emails and phone calls)
9pm – Movie and sleep… (Movie TBC)

Let me tell you about my ride!

Rain was predicted for today on all weather websites that I checked, however I had this feeling that it might not rain…. So I set out on the bike (even though my Honda CR-V is here) and headed in the direction of my Osteopath appointment. I made it there dry, had a great, thorough, well needed treatment and then left the clinic on dry roads. Just as I was approaching my hotel I slipped onto the back of a well organised, smart looking group of Englishmen and was invited along for their ride.

The group was from Bicester Millennium Cycling Club. A nice gentleman called Simon described the planned route to me – it sounded perfect for a recovery ride. I now know the difference between 80 kilometres and 80 miles!
The difference of 2 or 3 more High5 Sports Bars in my back pocket would have made the eyesight a lot clearer in the last 2 hours! I’m sure the sun was still out but I was definitely seeing stars at one point!

Conversation on the ride got me through. I must say, I was surprised (once again) at how passionate men are about women’s cycling. The group of about 10 rotated during the ride at a steady and consistent pace and this allowed me to have a chat with each of them – whilst I was holding up my reputation of turn dodging ?

Quite a few of these guys at different moments throughout the epic ride expressed their sincere disappointment about the technical issues that resulted in (close to) no TV coverage of the Women’s Tour de Yorkshire UCI race. I loved that they even knew the women’s race coverage was interrupted. We obviously then spoke a lot about the development of women’s cycling, athletes, teams and the Shane Sutton/BC saga. Interesting, controversial and riveting conversation got me through 156.6km’s on the bike today!

It was a new loop for me here in Mallorca…. roads I’d never been on before! I’d never climbed Puig de Randa and really enjoyed the consistent gradient with a few switchbacks, nice scenery near the top and, a must visit monastery on the top!

I think the highlight of the day for the group would have been climbing with the Telenet-Fidea team and, passing (opposite direction) some Giant-Alpecin riders!

In hindsight it was perfect that I got through today (3 day block) as it looks like rain all day tomorrow, I have loads of work to do and…. I believe all the nice roads will be closed due to the big IRONMAN event here tomorrow.

What did I consume on today’s ride? NOT ENOUGH!

2 x 750ml High5 Zero – Tropical
1 x 500ml High5 Zero – Tropical
2 x High5 Sports Bar – Berry

Ok, it’s time to do some work!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog!

Strava Data:
Part One 62.8km:
Part Two 93.8km:
(Please note that the 93.8km file was corrupt so there’s limited data but… it’s on Strava so it was pedalled!)

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