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Schnitzmeier can’t resist High5’s caramel sports bar

Whether you’re racing on weekends, or you’re racing Grand Tours, you expend a lot of energy on the bike. To fuel your body, you need to make sure you are providing it with all the essential nutrients – and something that tastes good too.

I can confidently tell you that High5 products are exactly what your body is looking for. That feeling you get when you grab your bar out of your pocket, knowing it is fuelling your performance (and it is going to taste amazing) is an absolutely satisfied feeling. Just imagine you’re in a stage race, the energy you’re burning, and how much harder it is to refuel with every passing day?


My favourite High5 bars to chew on when I’m racing with the Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling team are the caramel flavoured Sports Bars. Not only does this bar provide a perfect mix of the simple and complex carbohydrates my body needs in a long hard race, it is free from preservatives, artificial sweeteners and tastes like a real chocolate bar. High5 also offer other products to assist your body in the recovery phase to ensure your energy stores are being fully replenished.

Everybody is a bit different when it comes to what they require from their sports nutrition products in the race and High5 provides every member of the team the opportunity to tailor their nutrition products to suit their needs. When we race in hotter climates, I fill my bottles with a combination of High5 Zero Tablets and the High5 Energy Source drink. On harder training rides, I will sip on the Energy Source 4:1 mix because it is helping to reduce the time it takes for my muscles to recover, whilst I’m still out on the bike!


But the fuelling process doesn’t stop there. Post-race nutrition is just as important as the fuel you are feeding your body during the race. When you unclip off the bike you need to start the recovery process straightaway, and with a range of protein bars and protein drinks to suit even the strictest of dietary needs, High5 has got you covered.

I can’t wait for my next race with the Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling team and to be able grab out my yummy Caramel Sports Bar. A big Thank You to the team at High5 for their generous support!

For more information about the  excellent products of High5 Sports Nutrition, visit their website!

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