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SKINS partners with Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling

By Elinor Barker

SKINS is an Australian company which supplies the Wiggle Honda professional cycling team with all of our compression and recovery wear such as tights, tops and calf tights. The tight material is technically designed to reduce the time it takes for lactic acid to be removed from the muscles. This increases strength and power as well as muscular endurance, all of which come in pretty handy in bike racing!

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As well as all these benefits, SKINS products also double up as flight wear to reduce fatigue and poor circulation caused by travel. As athletes we often have to travel long distances to races and the last thing you want is to turn up to a race with all the negative effects from the flight in your legs. Wearing the compression calf tights is such an easy and comfortable way of ensuring that you arrive in your best possible shape. Whether you are training or racing tours at the highest level, recovery off the bike is just as important as what you do on the bike. Thanks to the support of SKINS, we are ensuring that we are giving ourselves every opportunity we can to perform to our potential.

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For more information on SKINS, please visit their website.

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