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SKINS supports women’s cycling with Wiggle Honda

In 2013, SKINS will support women’s cycling by supplying Wiggle Honda with its gradient compression clothing for training and recovery.


Jaimie Fuller, SKINS Chairman said: “We believe that women’s cycling is completely under valued by the cycling governing body, the UCI. Women’s cycling deserves attention and Wiggle Honda as a brand partner with SKINS will champion the true spirit of competition. This is the stuff that gets our blood racing. Whilst the sport of cycling suffers from some very real challenges, women’s cycling and in particular, Wiggle Honda, are looking to make positive changes in how the sport is conducted. The team is doing this by publicly supporting and promoting the principles of Bike Pure and establishing a sustainable environment for the riders whereby they can achieve real and clean results. SKINS wants to supports these efforts and do what it can to bring about positive change.

We recognise that the outcome of cycling’s forthcoming independent review process will determine our future involvement in the sport but this 12-month agreement with Wiggle Honda, confirms our ongoing commitment to those who share our values.”

Wiggle Honda is delighted with the new agreement with SKINS and Team Manager Rochelle Gilmore said: “Women’s cycling is a grueling sport. The conditions of training and racing take a toll on the body. It is vital for success for the riders to focus on recovery. In a sport where accumulated marginal gains bring success, we rely upon SKINS compression clothing to significantly aid faster muscle recovery which is a vital factor during competition, long tours and training camps.

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