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Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling Team Camp Diary – Day 3

Day three of the Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling team camp began much like the day before with a group ride around the beautiful countryside that surrounds the CastelBrando hotel. Although it was only scheduled for two and a half hours, there was no way that this was going to be an easy effort, however, as the riders were to take on one of the steepest local climbs in the “Muro di Ca’ del Poggio.”  With slopes of up to 17% in places, the Muro will feature close to the end of the 17th stage of this year’s Giro d’Italia; let’s see if the men’s peloton can handle it as well as the women of Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling did!

One senior male Italian rider’s day was made on the way back to the hotel as he just managed to lift his pace enough to join the black and orange group that cruised past him on a gentle drag. He managed to stay with the team long enough to give himself something to brag to his friends about when he got home; not everyone is privileged enough to be able to take part in a Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling training ride!

With interview commitments continuing after lunch, and with soigneur Pascal having a full programme of massages once again, the fun continued with a competition to see who could perform one of a cyclist’s most essential tasks the fastest; namely, changing an inner tube.

Having washed down the team’s Colnago bikes, mechanic Jarrod was able to sit back and watch each of the Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling riders remove a Vittoria Open Corsa CX clincher tyre from a Campagnolo Zonda training wheel – using just two Tacx tyre levers – pull out the tube, replace it with a new one and re-inflate the tyre.

Despite stiff competition it was some of the team’s most experienced hands that completed the challenge in the fastest time, but you’ll have to wait for the Wiggle video to see whose hands they were.

Before the team could have dinner there also remained the not inconsiderable matter of settling yesterday’s Jump competition. Just as the original “qualifying” had been, the fight for the overall victory was a fierce one, but once again you’ll have to wait and see who finally walked away with the prize.

Finally, the day ended with a brief run-through of tomorrow’s team presentation, when the 2014 Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling team will be officially unveiled to the World’s media.

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